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Why we're creating Heirloom

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a penchant for documenting every moment in life (and a camera roll to prove it). Yet shortly after my Mom’s cancer diagnosis in 2018, I realized that I didn’t have a single video of her from the last two decades over 20 seconds long. Plenty of short clips of her carving turkeys and blowing out birthday candles. But nothing similar to the more meaningful long-form video of my Dad captured on the family camcorder before he passed away in 2001.

So I decided to change that.

My sister and I developed a list of questions and sat our Mom down for a recorded conversation. We were blown away by what followed.

We learned more in that first conversation than we could have imagined, which made the relegation of that recording to a crowded photo library feel wrong. Instead, we edited the conversation into individual stories and created an interactive dashboard that we shared with our extended family.

Their reaction was explosive. They loved hearing her stories and inundated us with reflections, photos, home movies, letters, and music that referenced her stories, many of which my Mom had never experienced. They also demanded we guide them through a similar process with a loved one.

Little did we know, our Mom had just become Heirloom’s first user.

We had stumbled into a new way to express and absorb love; an opportunity for digital media to serve as a true complement to our most cherished relationships. And although the conversations themselves were wildly meaningful in the moment, more important may prove to be their enduring value and accessibility, capable of extending the experiences of love and life.

This is why we’re so excited to bring Heirloom to life. We’ve come to understand the value of this type of investment, and also the regret of realizing it’s too late. And if this pandemic has reminded us of anything, it’s to never take anything or anyone for granted.

With Heirloom, we’d love to help.